I was blessed to have been born into a Christian home. My parents were very involved in the work of the Lord. They set the tone for what faith in Christ was all about. They led by example and the Lord was the center of our home and the Church was a way of life. I do not regret the road I traveled in my Christian walk. Even though along the way I strayed, doubted, and murmured. Yet I was not alone, God and my church family were always there for me. I had to discover for myself who God is and what my place was and is, in His Kingdom. I consider the congregation to be my Church family. Yes, I have loving relationships with my siblings and cousins, etc. But I have come to realize the level of love, care, and concern this spiritual family offers me.

I invite you to receive Jesus as your Savior, Lord, and friend. And be part of an extended family, the Family of God.

Our Teaching Staff

Teaching Team at Christian Church of Bayside