Rev. Angelo Rivera Jr.,

Senior pastor of Our English ministry, Full time of our Spanish ministry

Serving the Lord Jesus the Christ since he came into my heart in January 1989 I’ve devoted my life to him. I’ve never been sorry or looked back but I have focused my all my heart on serving the one who gave his life for me. My heart has and is burdened with the salvation of lost souls that need to and want to know Jesus. But it doesn’t stop there I feel the responsibility of educating, mentoring and bringing to maturity those who have come to know the tremendous love of our savior in order that they can reach their kingdom potential. We here at Christian Church of Bayside invite you to meet Jesus and let him grow inside your heart. Like John said John 3:30 "He must become greater; I must become less."

Servirle al Señor Jesús desde que el vino a mi corazón en 1989 ha sido un placer para mi, y mi devoción es rendirle lo que queda de mi vida. My corazón carga con la responsabilidad de las almas que se pierden y quieren conocer al que me dio la vida. Pero no solo introducirle a el camino al cielo, yo quiero educarlos en la Palabra sagrada, discípularlos y ayudarlos a desarrollar sos dones para que sean todo lo que puedan ser en Cristo Jesús. Como lo dic Juan; Jua 3:30 "Es necesario que él crezca, pero que yo mengüe."

Our Teaching Staff

Teaching Team at Christian Church of Bayside